A new clinically validatedubio-signal to diagnose sleep apnea.

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Mandibular movements inform about the central command.

The brain controls the upper airways opening during sleep, contracting the muscles of the pharynx to maintain air circulation. These muscles are attached to a mobile bone, the mandible.

Mandibular movements reveal the changes in the trigeminal motor nucleus activity driven by brainstem centers. They are a direct proxy of how the sleeping centers in the brain regulate sleep & respiration, informing about the major events required for characterizing sleep disordered breathing:

  • Robust and accurate measurement of Total Sleep Time
  • Micro-arousals index
  • Obstructive Apnea/hypopnea
  • Head position
  • Sleep staging1
  • Respiratory effort measurement (RERAs)

1 As published in the renowned Blue Journal

How can we get
that much information
through mandibular movements?

Clinical validation published
in peer reviewed journals.

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