Is Sunrise right for you?

Sunrise,is for anyone curious, or cautious about sleep and general well-being. Sleep is important, the third pillar of your healthq, yet it remains largely unknown.

In 2018, hundreds of usersxtook part in our Beta program.
Sunrise will be available soonb.

Thank you, you will hear from us very soon!

Sylvain, 26

I knew many things happened during my sleep. At times I tended to sweat a lot.

I have always been curious to explore my sleep and perform a truly qualitative sleep study test at home. I guess I wanted to understand an unknown part of myself.

Sunrise provided me with a comprehensive look into my sleep, as well as valuable insights and recommendations. I know today what to look at in order to sleep better.

Svetlana, 44

My doctor had recommended a sleep apnea monitoring for me, but I wasn’t very keen to spend a night at the hospital.

Sunrise allowed me to perform the test from home and to communicate all needed information to my doctor, so he could diagnose and set the right sleep apnea device for me. This one has truly changed my quality of life.

I am deeply thankful.

Patrick, 51

I used to feel tired and usually felt asleep while watching TV on evenings.

Sunrise taught me that my sleep quality wasn’t good and recommended smart and simple actions for me to improve that.

I have applied these for a few months now and feel much less tired during the day and evening.